Diana Lu is an interaction designer based in LA, this is an exhibition of her works :DDD


App made to improve freediver’s diving experience.

App, Multiplatform, Concept


Easy typeface finding tool for creatives.

Web, Concept, AI


Motion practice experimenting with complex elements.

Motion, 3D Motion, Typography

This is what I love about music...

Kinetic typography animation narrating script from the movie "Begin Again".

Motion, Typography

Hyper Online

Make a bang for the Virtual Avatar Startup at Anime Expo 2022.

iPad App, Event Design, Prints

Who this
Hello people, this is Diana Lu.
I am currently studying in ArtCenter College of Design 🟠.
What purpose
Looking at beautiful things makes me happy. I wish to share what I find amazing to others, and create things that inspires people.
How good

Working experience? OK barely... I identify myself as a former child, but I am looking for internship, so if you find my projects interesting, I am always down to chat.

My rabbit chilling

I play games to relax, if you have any game recommendations, please share :D. I love nature. Whenever possible, I go on hiking, skiing, freediving.

Diana Lu is a designer.

She does interaction, graphics, and motion design to bring joy :D

Did you just sneaked into my exhibition without a ticket???
Haha jk its actually free, enjoy :D
Btw if you want to
see more, contact me:

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